Smiley with Feeldoe eyes assures brand quality. is the best site for deals on strapless dildos from the inventor of strapless sex.

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We make and sell Feeldoe® & Realdoe® - The first & best strapless dildos in the world.

Priority shipping to USA locations is free.  All models of these original strapless strap on dildos that started the entire strapless sex toy category are Made in USA and in stock now. 

New feeldoe in all colors and sizesRealdoe family photo

Don't settle for "wanna be like these" products.  We set the standards and started the strapless industry.  Genuine "as patented" double dildos are still produced by the inventor who specifies Medical Grade VI Silicone with a Platinum catalyst which is certified SAFE for bodily insertion. 

Genuine Feeldoe and Realdoe are completely safe.

No odor, no allergic reactions, no ripping apart, no color smearing off on your sheets, or melting in your suitcase.  Get the best, right here, right now, directly from Erogenics, Inc. and the woman who started it all. 


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Erogenics Inc makes the best strapless dildos

EROgenics, Inc. brand of strapless strap on dildos known by our trademarks, Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, are Made in America.  EROgenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603.  These are the genuine and original silicone products which started the harness free double dildo industry.  The featured smiley mark on this web site and other sites operated by EROgenics, Inc. is our registered trademark, too, as is Patented Pleasures®.  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.  All rights are reserved by EROgenics, Inc.  ©2008 - 2024

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