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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of goop are Feeldoe® and Realdoe® made from?

They are made from Class VI Pharmacopoeia Grade Silicone ~ that’s the medical stuff rated as safe for bodily insertion.  They have no odor at all because they do not contain any questionable chemical additives.  They are completely hypo allergenic which means no rashes, no irritation, and no infections.  They’re not latex and do not contain any of that jelly stuff, either.  Even our color pigments are limited (by our own choice) to only those approved by the FDA.  They contain no cheap additives or filler materials, which may compromise your health just to make some extra profits.  Feeldoe® and Realdoe® are engineered to last.  Just inspect it occasionally for abrasions … like don’t get it caught in your zipper.  Even though they have no taste, remember, no biting!  Masticating and masturbating are not the same thing.

EROgenics is and always has been the actual manufacturer of the world famous "Feeldoe®" and Realdoe®.  While other sellers may claim to supply them, they do not. If it does not have our brand name molded into the product, it's not genuine and not made in the USA.

What do I do if I find someone selling an imitation?

Don't buy it!  Feeldoe® and Realdoe® are only sold by EROgenics, Inc. and are made of absolutely safe material in the USA where we have manufacturing standards, accountability, and labor laws.  Copycat companies typically "blend" their silicone with cheap or unhealthy material like PVC, ABS, phthalates, and other alphabet soup chemicals, some of which are believed to cause cancer!

Where else can I buy authentic products?

EROgenics has an Amazon store and is on Ebay for your convenience.  The seller is still and only EROgenics, Inc.  In an effort to stop knockoffs and counterfeits, we no longer have distributors.

How do I clean my Feeldoe® or Realdoe®?

You can wash it regularly how ever you wash yourself.  If you have the vibrating model, the vibe is water tight.  Remove the vibrator before throwing your family friend in the dishwasher or the washing machine, or sterilizing it in boiling water.  You can also sterilize your Realdoe® or Feeldoe® and the vibrator by soaking them for about 5 minutes in a 10% bleach solution, and then rinse well with plain water before use.


Will it really stay on without straps? 

If our products didn't, slews of huge manufacturers wouldn't be imitating our strapless dildos!  Women are naturally retentive.  Hold the saddle with your thighs for more support while your muscle groups get used to it, and enjoy some missionary style practice before trying the more athletic positions.  With practice you gain confidence and condition the pelvic floor.  Most people are reporting great success and love their Realdoe®, saying they’ll never go back to a regular ol’ strap on dildo. They’re enjoying their new found FREEDOM.

The scalloped ridges on the “saddle” massage the driving partner’s clitoris, and the “pony” rocks her G-spot, while her pubic mound rubs the other partner’s clitoris, and the “horse” (of course) strokes her G-spot… all that stimulation for both women at once?  Better bolt the bed to the floor and just hold on to each other ’cause IT’S ALL OVER BUT THE SCREAMIN’!!!


Do heterosexual couples use these?

You bet!  About 80% of our sales are to straight couples.  More and more women are pegging their men, and the men are letting them! 

Men with E. D. retain the pony end in the rectum and get P-spot stimulation while pleasing their women with the horse end, too.     


What do "Realdoe" and "Feeldoe" Mean?

Both partners "feel" where as with old fashioned dildos, only the bottom partner was really pleased while the top person got strap sores.  It just made sense, that it's not a dildo, it's a FEELdoe.  Since “Feeldoe®” is a new word Mia made up and registered as her special trade name for this amazing product, you may be wondering how to spell it or say it when there are more than one of them.  One is a Feeldoe®, and they’re all Feeldoe®.  The word is the same, singular and plural, just like female deer, a doe or many doe.  The same goes for the realistic versions named Realdoe®. 


Is it pack able?

Absolutely! Wearing Realdoe® or Feeldoe® is so naturally comfortable, you’ll forget you have it on!  Well, if you wear it for hours on end, and don’t get to use it, you might get irritated, but it won’t be because of the product. 


Vibrator Notes:

The vibrator is a small Silver Bullet.  This mini vibrator is no bigger than Mia’s favorite lipstick, but it’s a buzzin’ monster, running on three little watch batteries.  There’s a sticker on the battery contacts so that the vibe can’t get turned on accidentally while traveling to you.  You’ll need to open the vibe and remove the safety sticker.  When Mia was told that the vibrator is water tight, she dropped it into a test tube of water – right then and there.  They were shocked that she did that, but she wasn’t. (pun, intended) hehehe … She is a scientist, of course she tested it.

Why Alkaline Batteries instead of the rechargable Lithium kind?

Who wants to wait a few hours for a vibe to charge back up when it only takes a minute to replace batteries?  Their are safety differences, too.  If someone accidently swallows a lithium battery, we're told the emergency room doctors will need to operate and remove it quickly. 
If it's an old fashioned alkaline button battery, they may prescribe a laxative, and take xrays in a few days to be sure it came out.  Hum...

Lithium rechargable batteries must be identified on packaging when transported for special handling.  Hazardous material declarations are not required for Alkaline batteries.  Your letter carrier doesn't have a clue what's in the package either.  We think that's important, too! 


Now, as a general rule, batteries don’t take heat well, and this vibe is tiny, so remember to pull it out before you boil your Realdoe® or put it in the dishwasher or washing machine.   With all the rocking and squeezing and lubrication… we sure don’t want a vibe to squirt out of it’s hole, it’s a very snug fit on purpose.  Wiggle it up and down (instead of side to side) and turn it clockwise (so the battery cap doesn’t unscrew) as you pull; this is the easiest way to get it out.


Replacement Batteries:

Batteries go in the vibrator with the part number side to the top.  Here are a few crossover numbers: Duracell 357 or 303, AG13, 357A, CX44, LR44W, LR44, and A-76.  They are not lithium so no special handling is required when traveling or shipping.

How long a battery will last is a matter of the stored amperage, not voltage, and manufactures don’t put the amps on the package since it’s effected by storage conditions.  As far as alkaline, lithium, magnesium, or zinc go, alkaline is just fine in this application and usually the least expensive.  Personally, Mia gets three A-76 batteries at the flea market for buck!!! (Inventors … boy, howdy!  Like starving artist, they rub those nickels together until the buffaloes scream….).

Replacement Silicone Feeldoe ® and Realdoe ®:

Our top shelf silicone will last for many years!  It actually gets stronger and tougher as it ages.  Over time, you may not realize that it has become harder, but it will stiffen with age.   We suggest blowing yourself to a new one occasionally.  In reviews, you may notice the only complaints anyone ever has about our brand is that it's hard.  (They're all either too hard or too soft, right?.  LOL)  Reviewers are usually provided a free unit to test, and it's likely an old one from the store's inventory.  You know, a shop worn package, but the product looks fine so those are the giveaways that get tested for youtube videos, in store product clips, and advertisers. 


Lube Hints:

Petroleum jelly damages latex, and silicone-based lubes may degrade many silicone toys.  Water-based lubes are compatible with latex, vinyl, and with silicone… More confusion?  Well, if you just don’t like water-based lubes, you might try testing your favorite lubricant before using it.  Just put a little lube in an inconspicuous place, and rub it around for several minutes.  Then, wash it off, and look at the area closely.  Smell it, too.  In general, if the lubricant and the material the product is made of are compatible, there should not be any sticky residue or odor, and the surface of the product should be absolutely unaffected ~ as nice and shiny as new.  If you’re not completely sure your favorite lube is safe with your toys, contact the lube manufacturer and ask their technical services department.  Simply that! 

Two condoms on the horse end, with some lube in between them, simulates that high dollar "skin on a stiff one” sensation. 


Personal Note:

Condoms are always a good idea even though our silicone is the safest!  Our toys may be sterilized and we hope you’ll be vigilant in helping to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  If you want to be around for another round, always play safely!  HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C are in epidemic proportions, and ignoring them and their victims is not a cure.  No one who has sex with a partner is immune.  No one who has these illnesses thought they would get them.  It CAN happen to you and/or someone you love!!!  Help to save our species! 


Porn Movies:

We are told there are plenty of them on the Internet and on TV adult pay channels like HBO.  We don't swap links or make money for clicks.  This is the inventor's web site.  She not from the adult industry. 


Ad Words:

We are supposed to pay them to use our trademarks as ad words to keep this web site and on top of search results.  What?  They should be paying us, right?  They are selling Mia's trademarks as Ad Words to other web sites for top placement on their search engine whenever our trademarks are the search terms.  Mia refuses to pay them for the use of words our federal government, and over 20 foreign governments, have already decreed belong to her.  Help right a wrong:  Please post some links to and    You are our advertisers! 


Erogenics Inc makes the best strapless dildos

EROgenics, Inc. brand of strapless strap on dildos known by our trademarks, Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, are Made in America.  EROgenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603.  These are the genuine and original silicone products which started the harness free double dildo industry.  The featured smiley mark on this web site and other sites operated by EROgenics, Inc. is our registered trademark, too, as is Patented Pleasures®.  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.  All rights are reserved by EROgenics, Inc.  ©2008 - 2024

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